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The Building Information Foundation RTS


The Building Information Foundation RTS (Rakennustietosäätiö) is a private, non-profitmaking Foundation whose task is to foster good planning and building methods and good property management practices. The Foundation and its activities are directed by a Board and an Assembly that represents the entire building and construction industry through 52 associations and organisations.

Building Information Foundation RTS  is the parent company for the Building Information Group, the leading provider of construction information in Finland. The Foundation acts as the R&D unit and owns the Building Information Ltd (Rakennustieto Oy) publishing house. The company publishes instructions for building and property management, regulations, contract documents and forms and product information both in printed format, on CD and on the Internet. Also a wide range of books on architecture and construction, as well as magazines include the company’s publishing products.

Please visit: www.rakennustieto.fi.

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