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Mind-Building exhibition at the Pavilion of Finland

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Mind-Building is a study of Finnish public libraries and library architecture. The exhibition speaks for active citizenship, freedom of speech and equality promoted by the library movement and the power of architecture to be uplifting and welcoming. We celebrate public libraries as constantly rejuvenating hubs of social vitality and their role as public investments in a free and democratic society.

Local librarians and architects of library buildings are mind-builders: library architecture is an expression of the art of architecture to address the prevailing societal values in a built form. The public library is the ultimate ‘freespace’: a publicly funded place of learning that is open for everyone, for free.

Mind-Building covers more than 100 years of history and presents 17 samples of libraries leading up to the opening of Oodi Helsinki Central Library in December 2018.

In Finland, the language of architecture is silent but powerful. Here, architectural quality doesn’t spell grandiosity but the ability to stand the test of time and to raise affection and pride within its local community.

May information nourish and breed your imagination, lenience, dignity, intelligence and understanding.

Participating architects and artists

Architects ALA Architects, Anttinen Oiva Architects, Artto Palo Rossi Tikka Architects, Helander–Leiviskä Architects, Helin & Co Architects, JKMM Architects, K2S Architects, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, Mustonen Architects, Architects NRT, Tuomo Siitonen Architects, Talli Architecture & Design, Valvomo Architects
Artists Antti Auvinen & Marja Rautaharju (video), Helmi Kajaste (video), Martti Kalliala (sound piece)

Curator and Exhibition Team
Supporters and partners