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Venice special edition: The Pavilion of Finland’s exhibition at the Biennale Architettura opens today!

A pavilion with blue walls. The door is open to the exhibition. On the lef side of the pavilion, there is a text "Finlandia". The weather is sunny.
photo: Ugo Carmeni

Newsletter 3/2021: Opening of the Finnish pavilion | Finnish architects in the spotlight | Second Nordic New European Bauhaus workshop

photo: Juuso Westerlund

Newsletter 2/2021: Nordic Co-design: New European Bauhaus | Architects Declare in action


Newsletter 1/2021: Happy Architecture and Design Day! | Finland’s new Architectural Policy | Alvar Aalto’s architecture proposed on the UNESCO World Heritage list

Two humans are approaching the stairs by walking.
JKMM Architects, Amos Rex, Helsinki 2018. photo: Mika Huisman / Decopic


Newsletter 7/2020: Sweet Season’s Greetings | Archinfo Finland’s new Chair | New staff photos and descriptions

A gingerbread house which portrays Käärmetalo.
Photo: Asko Takala

Newsletter 6/2020: | Puutalo export | Future Visions | Finlandia Prize


Newsletter 5/2020: Wooden schools | A Sustainable future is envisioned now! | Kristo Vesikansa appointed Editor-in-Chief of Finnish Architectural Review

Photo: Kristo Vesikansa

Newsletter 4/2020: Finnish Architects Declare | New Architecture and Design Museum | Katarina Siltavuori appointed Director of Archinfo Finland


Newsletter 3/2020: Leiviskä | Biennale Architettura | Quarantine art | Healthcare buildings

Pakila Church of the Good Shepherd Church. Minimalistic and high organ are on the left. Instead of an altarpiece, behind the altar is a white wall with various recesses from which natural light flows in. The church hall is decorated with golden clusters of lamps hung at different heights.
photo: Arno de la Chapelle / Helander Leiviskä Architects

Newsletter 2/2020: Archinfo Finland takes part in the collective efforts to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 | Finnish Architecture Navigator celebrates female architects

Crossroads in Helsinki called Viiskulma, captured from ubove.
photo: Tommi Selander / Unsplash

Newsletter 1/2020: AOR Architects finalist for Dorfman Award | Hanna Harris appointed Helsinki’s Chief Design Officer

Facade of the Jätkäsaari school. The white-colored facade is full of windows and niches.
Photo: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio