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Archinfo Finland's seven-headed personnel. Behind, Finlandia Hall's white marble wall and a staircase on the right.
Archinfo Finland's staff in autumn 2020. Photo by photographer Elina Simonen, location Finlandia Hall designed by Alvar Aalto.


Archinfo Finland
Malminkatu 30, 5th floor, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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Katarina Siltavuori, Director

Katarina Siltavuori's portrait.
tel. +358 50 599 2510

Miina Jutila, Head of Communications

Miina Jutila's portrait.
tel. +358 40 585 4135

Sini Parikka, producer, project manager

Sini Parikka's portrait.
tel. +358 40 351 6470

Eeva Astala, Expert

Eeva Astala's portrait.
tel. +358 40 686 2155

Paavo Foley, Coordinator of communications and event management

young man looking at the camera
tel. +358 44 974 6109

Anna Rusi, Communications Intern

tel. +358 50 300 8775

Heli Vilmi, Account and Administrative Assistant

Heli Vilmi's portrait.
tel. +358 40 685 2568

Photos: Elina Simonen
Location: Finlandia Hall, Alvar and Elissa Aalto 1971/1975

Photos of Paavo and Anna: Miina Jutila
Location: Helsinki Energy Office Building, Alvar Aalto 1973