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Building forum: Housing quality as a measurable value? 14.6.

Tuesday 14.6. 10:00–12:30
Hybrid event, helsinki & online
organised by RAKENNUSTIETO

Finnish housing construction has taken a leap forward in technical areas, such as energy efficiency. However, sustainability objectives are also linked to the desire to improve the overall quality, usability and longevity of residential buildings. Issues such as safety, accessibility, functionality and flexibility of spaces, maintenance and serviceability, health and comfort, in other words, aspects of building quality, are becoming increasingly important in promoting sustainable construction throughout the life cycle of a building. 

But what kind of quality is emphasised in today’s housing? How has quality in residential buildings been promoted and how can it be promoted? Can the quality of buildings be evaluated? We will discuss this at a hybrid event on 14 June 2022, as part of the International Social Housing Festival in Helsinki. The English-language event will feature a wide range of presentations on the importance, development, promotion and evaluation of housing quality.

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