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Old photograph of women looking at architectural drawing.
Architects of the National Board of Building, 1930s. photo: MFA / Salme Setäläs album

Long live Wivi Lönn! Festival 20th May – 22 May

Long live Wivi Lönn! Festival
Fri–Sun 20 May – 22 May
Museum of Finnish Architecture, Kasarmikatu 24, Helsinki
Organised by Museum of Finnish Architecture

Welcome to the Long Live Wivi Lönn! Festival on the occasion of architect Wivi Lönn’s birthday from 20th May to 22 May 2022! During the festival, participants will gather around the work of Wivi Lönn (1872–1966) and her followers in order to reflect on the relationship between architecture and gender as well as on issues related to equality and non-discrimination in the fields of architecture and culture.  The festival is part of the Wivi Lönn 150 jubilee year’s programme. The main event will be staged at the Long Live Wivi Lönn! Exhibition at the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Read more about the exhibition through this link.

Programme of the festival can be found through this link (opens in a new window).