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Large hall, bright light coming in through the rear wall windows. People passing by.
The Swiss director Christoph Schaub's film Architecture of Infinity (2018) is one of the highlights of Ark Rex film festival's programme. photo:

Architecture Film Festival Ark Rex 26–28 November 2021

Ark Rex Architecture Film Festival
26–28 November 2021
Museum of Finnish Architecture, Kasarmikatu 24, Helsinki
Bio Rex, Mannerheimintie 22–24, Helsinki

Amos Rex Art Museum and the Museum of Finnish Architecture organise a comprehensive three-day Architecture Film Festival, Ark Rex. The festival is themed “Utopias, Dreams and Future Challenges” and the full programme will be launched in early autumn.

In addition to films and short documentaries, the programme will include an exhibition of Finnish architecture utopias. Lectures and discussions are on the agenda as well, and the event will feature some of the most interesting authors of the chosen films. Together with experts and the public, the festival will look into the nature of utopias and the essence of architectural dreams. During the weekend, the history, current state and many kinds of possible futures of utopias will be explored. The theme will also be investigated from the angle of baukunst, urban and country life, literature, philosophy, economics, and daring new construction and energy technologies.

The programme and more information about the festival and the films can be found through this link (opens in a new tab).