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Architecture Speaks: Bijoy Jain / Studio Mumbai 9 Feb.

Architecture Speaks lecture: Bijoy Jain / Studio Mumbai   
Wed 9 February from 13.15 to 14.30
Museum of Finnish Architecture and Aalto University Department of Architecture
Online event

Bijoy Jain’s work explores the boundaries between art, architecture, and material. His studio operates as an interdisciplinary group of architects, engineers, master builders, artisans, technicians, and artists across continents. As a collective, they are involved in the research and development of projects, using process and time as an integral part of their expression. Water, air, and light being the basis of all materiality in the synthesis of the work. 

“Bijoy Jain’s small-scale architecture emphasizes the presence and patina of materials. Careful craftsmanship and an atmosphere of ingenuity are the starting points of Studio Mumbai’s architecture”, states Jenni Reuter, curator of the lecture series.

Architecture Speaks is an international lecture series curated by Professor Jenni Reuter and organised jointly by Aalto University Department of Architecture and the Museum of Finnish Architecture. This year’s lectures reflect on how during the pandemic, our way of life has slowed down, and we have stopped to think about the impact that spaces have on their users and the patina of living brought to the spaces by the users.

The lecture is free of charge for everyone. Pre-registration is required. More information about the event through this link (opens in a new tab).