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Black and white photo of Marc Goodwin. He has his back on the camera and he is taking a picture of outside from a window.
photo: MFA

Architecture Speaks: Marc Goodwin – Online Zoom Lecture 27.1.

WED 27.1 . AT 13.15–15.15  (UTC+2)

Marc Goodwin is an architectural photographer, writer and teacher. He was born in London and currently divides his time between Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. His work has been published in six architecture books, with two more on the way, and countless times in the architectural press. He studied at the University of California, Goldsmiths College, London and recently completed a Doctorate at Aalto University, Helsinki. His thesis – Architecture’s Discursive Space, Photography – investigates the components of conventional architectural photography and opposes them to a system of atmospheres. Since completion of his doctorate he has been travelling the globe non-stop working for clients and producing the Architecture Studios Atlas.

“When publishing architecture, the image has a crucial role. How does the image itself affect us and what does it tell about the architecture? In his work as both photographer and researcher, Marc Goodwin has been investigating atmospheres in architecture,” tells Jenni Reuter, curator of the lecture series.

The lecture is free of charge for everyone but requires registration. Register through this link.

Architecture Speaks is an international lecture series curated by Professor Jenni Reuter and organised jointly by Aalto University Department of Architecture and the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Six architects from various backgrounds have been invited to share their thoughts and ideas on current trends in architecture.