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Spaces of Peace: Architecture as Contextual Diplomacy conference in Brussels 21 November

Spaces of Peace: Architecture as Contextual Diplomacy Conference
Thu 21 November at 13:00 – 17:30 (CET)
Academy Palace
1 Rue Ducale, Brussels, Belgium 

Spaces of Peace: Architecture as Contextual Diplomacy conference approaches architecture as a tool for peace-building from spaces of peace mediation and reconstruction of post-conflict cities to building peacetime cities that prevent polarisation and conflict.

Built environments have a physical, cognitive and emotional impact on us. This affects our behaviour and how we interact with each other. Built environments can either enable social encounters or prevent them. Moreover, the spaces that do not function in their intended use trigger annoyance and distrust not only towards space but also towards other people in the space. Surroundings that feel safe emotionally spark experiences of trust and hope.

The conference talks open up perspectives on how architecture and design can contribute to building peace now and in the future. Organised in Brussels, the international conference is part of the official programme of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. The conference brings together architects, designers and other professionals to discuss important questions.

The societal impact of built environments as a contributor to peace, stability, polarisation or conflict is a rising perspective on architecture.

Talks and speakers:

The Impact of Space – Case: Spaces of Mediation 
Esa Laaksonen | Architect 
Friman Laaksonen Architects, Helsinki, Finland

Designing with and for empathy 
Helena Sandman | Architect
Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects, Helsinki, Finland

Architect as a peacebuilder 
Bengin Dawod | Architect, Urban Designer
The Soul of the City, Aleppo, Syria / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Changing spaces of peace dialogues 
Miriam Bensky | Independent Conflict Resolution Advisor 
Ankara, Turkey

Heini Lehtinen | Designer, Founder
Raven & Wood Agency, Helsinki, Finland

The conference is organised in English and it is free of charge, please register on Eventbrite’s website through this link.