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Juhani Pallasmaa talks at Forum on Mathematics and Architecture on 8 June

DMF – Forum on Mathematics and Architecture
8 June 2019 at 9:00–17:00
Metsätalo, conference room 2
Unioninkatu 40, Helsinki

Forum on Mathematics and Architecture is held on June 8th 2019 simultaneously in three cities: Helsinki, Porto and Prague. Each conference addresses a specific topic and has both a research and a public component. The events exchange information by videoconferences: Porto and Prague will live stream two lectures to Helsinki together with the programme on site. The conference is part of a cycle of conferences known as the Diderot Mathematical Fora introduced and sponsored by the European Mathematical Society (EMS) in 1996. In Finland, the University of Helsinki is in charge of the event.

Lectures in Helsinki

9:00–9:50 Philip Tidwell – Aalto-yliopistoThe Imaginary from Number to Space
10:00–10:50 Kirsi Peltonen – Aalto-yliopistoIN TRANSITION – Mathematics and Art
11:20–12:10 Talk from Prague: Robert AishChristopher WilliamsDaniel Piker
14:00–14:50 Axel Kilian – MIT: Embodied Computation – Architectural Robotics
15:00–15:50 Juhani Pallasmaa – Aalto-yliopistoMan, Measure, Proportion: mathematics and music in architecture
16:00–16:50 Talk from Porto: José Pedro Sousa – FAUP: Parametric architecture and digital manufacturing

More information on Centro Internacional de Matemáticas website through this link.