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Two Mind Building -brochures
photo: Ugo Carmeni

Library workshops at the Pavilion of Finland in Venice on 20–22 November

Three-dimensional modelling workshop for children
20 November at 12:00–16:00

Workshop for augmented poetry
21–22 November at 12:00–16:00

Badge-making workshop
20–22 November at 12:00–16:00

Pavilion of Finland
Giardini, Venice

On 20–22 November Archinfo Finland organises three workshops in conjunction with the Mind-Building exhibition at Venice Giardini in collaboration with Helsinki City Library.

The workshops held from Tuesday to Thursday at the Aalto Pavilion are open to everyone and do not require any special skills. Taking part is easy: pop in anytime between noon and 4 pm for just a moment or a longer while for deeper concentration. Two librarians from Helsinki City Library will present library activities in English, using easy, participatory methods. During the 4-hour workshops it is also possible to design and make your own badges with a badge machine on loan from the library. Participating in the workshops, including materials, is free of charge for the biennale guests (biennale entrance ticket required at the gate).

The Tuesday workshop is especially targeted at children and the Wednesday and Thursday workshops are for any age groups. The workshops are not recommended to children under 3 years of age. An adult must accompany children under 10.

Tuesday 20 November
Three-dimensional modelling workshop for children
In this workshop everyone can be an architect! Try out different geometric shapes or design your very own building using toothpicks and marshmallows. What does a marshmallow pyramid or cube look like? Or why not create your dream library?

Wednesday & Thursday 21–22 November
Workshop for augmented poetry
Let’s play together with words! You can choose from the selection of freespace and library inspired words and add your own to make unique poems. Start from the beginning or build up someone else’s poem to create beautiful collective poetry. Share your thoughts with #augmentedpoetry for everyone to enjoy!

Tuesday to Thursday 20–22 November
Badge-making workshop
Make a statement, draw your own design or colour in one of our prints! Making badges is fun and suitable for artists of all ages.