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Experience colours! networking event at Espoo City Theater on November 7th

November 7th 2018 FROm 1 pm to 8 pm
Espoo City Theatre

Colours matter, highlights the cross-disciplinary discussion and networking event.

Aalto Experience Platform is an open community for anyone interested in research on human experiences. Now, the community organises a multidisciplinary discussion and networking event on the theme of colours.

Experience colors! brings a number of colour experts to a theater stage, including David Batchelor, artist and writer of Chromophobia, Hélène de Clermont, Chanel’s Make-up R & D laboratory manager, Olli Ikkala, Professor in molecular materials, Harald Arnkil, Senior University Lecturer in colour studies and Paula Hohti, Professor in History of Art and Culture.

The event is organised by Aalto University Experience Platform, The International Theater of Finland, Aalto University Color Research Group and the Finnish Color Association.

The event is held in English and is free of charge and open to anyone interested in colours.

Registration is open until Tuesday October 23th through this link.

Read more and see the programme on the Aalto Experience Platform website.