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Fifth graders from the Snellman comprehensive school in Kuopio attended the Treasures from the Blocks workshop. The instructor for the workshop was the architecture educator Mervi Eskelinen from the architecture and environment school Lastu. Pictures: Lastu

City Agents: Treasures from the Blocks

The Treasures from the Blocks workshop took fifth graders on a trip to the blocks around a marketplace. They were explored with all senses and experience-based maps were drawn on paper bags in which the kids also collected treasures they found during the exploration. Afterwards the treasures were used to create a map of the blocks in the middle of the marketplace for everyone to admire and to stimulate discussions. Each group introduced their block: What was their route like? What kind of observations did they make? What do the treasures tell about the block? Finally the creation was taken apart and the treasures were returned to nature or sorted in the appropriate recycling containers. All participants were given a paper bag on which they had drawn a map of the blocks.