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An arts group of eight graders from the Myllytulli school in Oulu attended the Spaces and Atmospheres with Textiles workshop. The instructors of the workshop were architect Tiina Sainila and art and class teacher Päivi Bräysy.

City Agents: Spaces and Atmospheres with Textiles

For the Spaces and Atmospheres with Textiles workshop, eighth graders were asked to bring old sheets, cloths and other textiles to school. The students’ task was to use them to mark off spaces in an urban environment. The students explored the area and, instead of built elements, they chose as their starting point a group of trees in a park near their school. During the design process they tested different methods of working and fastening the textiles. As a result, the wintery park was taken over by shared spaces as well as environmental art that depicted the students’ innermost thoughts. The final discussion was held in the park in cold weather. Warm juice and cookies were served to celebrate the event.