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Commissioner Hanna Harris (left) and curator Anni Vartola in Töölö Library, Helsinki. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo

Mind-Building: Curator and Exhibition Team

Mind-Building is a study of Finnish public libraries and library architecture.

Anni Vartola, curator

Anni Vartola (b. 1965 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Helsinki-based freelance architecture critic and scholar in postmodern architectural theory. Vartola graduated as an architect in 1994 and finished her doctorate in 2014. Currently, she works as senior lecturer in theory of architecture at Aalto University, School of Arts and Design, Department of Architecture. Besides being a teacher and writer, Vartola works on a book about postmodernism in Finnish architecture and devotes her spare time to her online architecture bookshop for pre-owned architecture literature.

Archinfo Finland, organiser               

Archinfo Finland makes Finnish architecture visible and known in Finland and abroad. It is an agile collaboration and intermediary organisation in the field of architecture. Through its activities the centre increases the social impact of architecture. Archinfo Finland is one of the eight information centres in the arts supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The centre was established by five key architecture organisations in Finland.

Exhibition team

Anni Vartola

Hanna Harris

Archinfo Finland

Project manager
Maikki Lavikkala

Exhibition design
Tuomas Siitonen

Graphic design
Johannes Nieminen

Miina Jutila

Sini Parikka

Ella Tammisto

Pavilion production team
Leonardo Candaten, Stefano Ferro, Panu Heikkilä, Jack Prendergast, Atte Pylvänäinen, Francesco Raccanelli, Timo Vikkula

Irina Garnets, Laura Kömi, Ella Müller, Anniina Taivainen, Mimma Tuomisalo, Krista Vänni