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An award ceremony.
Enrique Sobejano and Fuensanta Nieto receive the Alvar Aalto Medal in Helsinki on 3 February, 2015. Photo: Juho Haavisto / MFA.

“Architecture is a reflection of our memory.” Video of the Alvar Aalto Medalists’ Award Speech now online

The highly regarded Alvar Aalto Medal was awared to Spanish architects Enrique Sobejano and Fuensanta Nieto in Helsinki on 3 February, 2015. The award ceremony was the highlight of the Architecture Day festivities commemorating Aalto’s birthday. Architecture Information Centre Finland is proud to announce that the video recording of the Award Speeches by the esteemed architects is now available on our YouTube channel. We will publish a more detailed interview of the awardees later in March, 2015.

Our projects already exist unwittingly in our memories. They reappear unexpectedly, triggered by strange associations we are scarcely aware of. We are bound to recollections, images, impressions that mostly occur in our childhood and adolescence and alter with new experiences, in permanent renewal. At some point a forgotten memory, an image, a sound or a sentence we recorded reappears in the process of every project: an indication that guides us towards a certain path. We are aware that the process by which an abstract idea ends up turning into a specific result (the project) constantly feeds on images that are hidden in our memory.
— Enrique Sobejano in his Award Speech in Helsinki on 3 February, 2015.