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Alvar Aalto Foundation

Based on Alvar Aalto and the humanist and environmental values of his life’s work, the Alvar Aalto Foundation works for a better everyday environment and for the culture of design. The Alvar Aalto Museum, as part of the foundation, manages and expands its collections and archives, and produces a wide range of services for both professionals and the general public.

For the public, the museum arranges exhibitions, architectural and design education, and various other activities. The museum’s services for specialists are aimed at architecture and design professionals and researchers, as well as the authorities and developers.

Please visit: www.alvaraalto.fi.

Alvar Aalto Museum, Alvar Aallon katu 7, Jyväskylä
Alvar Aalto’s Studio, Alvar Aalto Foundation, Tiilimäki 20, Helsinki
Alvar Aalto’s House, Riihitie 20, Helsinki