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About Architecture Information Centre Finland

Architecture Information Centre Finland (Arkkitehtuurin tiedotuskeskus) acts as a hub for advancing general knowledge about Finnish architecture and boosts collaboration in the field. We aim to raise national awareness of architecture and discuss the effects of architectural and urban design on the quality of life and wellbeing. In addition, we further international recognition of Finnish architecture and are of service to the international audience interested in the Finnish approach towards the art of building.

The Centre was established in 2012 by five major organisations in the field of architecture: Museum of Finnish Architecture, Alvar Aalto Foundation, Finnish Association of Architects, The Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices, and Building Information Foundation. As we are one of the eight information centres of the cultural field in Finland, we are financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

This www.archinfo.fi portal is our web service for the Finnish speaking audience.  If you are more comfortable in English, we encourage you to move on to our finnisharchitecture.fi site – an online journal that looks into the news, events and phenomena around Finnish architecture.  Our target is to serve you with knowledge, whatever your angle towards the art of architecture may be.

Further inquiries

Hanna Harris, director
hanna.harris (at) archinfo.fi
tel. +358-50-341 5619

Jaana Räsänen, special advisor
Architecture education for children and youth
jaana.rasanen (at) archinfo.fi
tel. +358-50–522 1571

Miina Jutila, communications officer
miina.jutila (at) archinfo.fi
puh. +358-40-585 4135

Mikko Laak, programme manager
mikko.laak (at) archinfo.fi
tel. +358-50–458 9500

Mail address

Arkkitehtuurin tiedotuskeskus
Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6 B 11
00130 Helsinki

finnisharchitecture.fi and archinfo.fi

Do you have a news tip? Contact us at:
editor (at) archinfo.fi