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Architecture Policy

Archinfo Finland reinforces the status and visibility of architecture in society through its activities.

The centre aims to increase the social impact of architecture.

Archinfo Finland collects and publishes information regarding architectural policy programmes. Archinfo Finland provides also an information exchange and networking platform for city and municipality representatives working with architectural policy programmes.

As well as this, the centre is an active initiator and starter of discussions, expanding the cultural, political and economic opinion-makers’ understanding of the cultural and social importance of architecture.






The Finnish Association of Women Architects Architecta celebrates its 75 year jubilee

Finland has been a forerunner of gender equality in architecture education: the first woman graduated as architect in Helsinki already in the 19th century. Pirkko-Liisa Schulman, Chair of Architecta, talks about the birth of the association and its activities since 1942. The article has been published in the Finnish Architectural Review 2/2017. In celebration of its 75 year jubilee Architecta …

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